wedding gift giving guide | TIPS from B&B

Wedding season is officially underway, and it seems like every week there’s another to attend!  While we’re loving all the LOVE, giving gifts for each of these events can be overwhelming! To make things simple, we're sharing some great tips for gift giving this wedding season.

 Photo from our lovely and talented friend,  Emily Sacco

Photo from our lovely and talented friend, Emily Sacco

Before we get down to choosing a gift, be sure to assess your budget. If you’re in the wedding, you may be spending a lot already so don’t feel like you have to go even more above and beyond with your gift! The couple is grateful to have you a part of their special day, and wouldn’t expect you to go broke on their behalf! $50 is a great starting point for any gift, but you may want to spend a little more depending on your relationship with the bride and/or groom.

Second, stumped on what to gift?  That's an easy fix: Buy off of the registry! Wedding registries like Zola will include all the gifts that the couple really wants, ranging from tangible items, to experiences, to honeymoon funds!

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If you’d rather skip all the guesswork, and just send the couple a check, that’s an awesome gift too! Who wouldn't love that?!  

It's no secret weddings can be expensive, and the newlyweds are also thinking about their futures together beyond the “I Do’s.” Hello, honeymoon, home renovations, and starting a family?! The couple would surely love some extra cash to pay for these expenses so if you decide tangible gift giving isn’t your forte, checks and cash funds will do the trick!


Do you have any other gift giving tips our fellow guests should know about? Let us know down in the comments!