Behind the Brand

 Bello & Blue Events | Full Service Event Planning, Design & Production | Denver, Colorado
 What's in a name?


Inspired by Lindsey’s late Italian Nana, Isabelle Bello always rocked a red lip, hose & heels, and lots of gold bobbles & bangles.  Forever beautiful & glam, strong & resilient, she inspired Lindsey to be a confident business woman, and to always “Cowgirl Up!” Bello also happens to be an Italian adjective which translates to all kinds of delightful things such as: beautiful, lovely, handsome, fine, nice, pleasant, kind, goodly, fair & smart.       We like to think this suits us just fine!

 Lindsey's Italian Nana, Isabelle Bello


Blue was an easy pick.  We completely appreciate the alliteration, they just sound like they were made to go together!  Plus, what’s not to love?!  One of three primary colors, blue is the color of the clear sky, and the deep sea.  Blue is the color most commonly associated with harmony, faithfulness, and confidence, and is one of the most universally appealing colors to both men and women.  It’s varying hues are bold, but not too intense.  Cool, but not overly confident. Classic, yet versatile. 

            Plus, it’s no secret we adore weddings!  From the age old adage which details what a bride should wear on the big day for good luck:                      “…something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”.


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Photo by the lovely & talented Felix Studios